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Propecia - a drug belonging to the group of inhibitors of 5-alpha reductase inhibitor used for the treatment of baldness in representatives of a strong half of mankind.

• What are the drug Propecia and the form of the composition?

The active drug component is Propecia finasteride whose amount is 1 mg per tablet. Data on medication no excipients.

The drug Propecia tablets produced in pink, biconvex, round shape. It supplied in plastic bottles of 90 and blister packs of 10 pieces. To purchase medicines doctor's prescription is not required.

• What is the means Propecia action?

The drug Propecia is for the treatment of hair loss (alopecia) of male type. Clarify that the basis of this disease is the toxic damage of the hair follicles male sex hormone - testosterone. Sometimes you can come across the term androgenetic or androgenic alopecia, which in essence, is the same disease.

The defeat of the hair follicles is due to the activity of DHT, which is the biologically active form of the male sex hormone. Finasteride - the active drug component is able to suppress the reaction of the biological synthesis of the substance, as well as partially block its effects.

Suppression of DHT activity slows the progression of alopecia, slows the processes underlying hair loss. In some cases, possibly even partial restoration of hair follicles.

The first results of the treatment should not expect too early. As a rule, for the occurrence of notable relief of symptoms must be at least 3 months. The degree of recovery of the hair follicles is dependent on many factors, including the age, presence of metabolic diseases, addictions and other factors.

The effect of a short preparation. After the treatment, for a period, measured a few months, the hair loss will inevitably continue.

Information on the rate of absorption of the active substance from the intestine, as well as its distribution in the body is missing.

• What medication Propecia indications for use?

Admission drug Propecia is shown as a means for the treatment and prevention of hair loss male pattern. Other condition involving the use of this medication, do not exist.

Before starting treatment should consult a specialist to conduct a comprehensive survey, first of all, aimed at determining the level of DHT.

• What Propecia tablets contraindications?

Admission drug Propecia is contraindicated under the following conditions:

• Pregnancy and lactation;
• Age less than 12 years;
• Individual intolerance.

Women should not resort to the use of this medication. In addition, it is strongly recommended during pregnancy to avoid contact with the drug, even though the dosage form of the active ingredient is coated with a special coating.

• What are the use of Propecia and dosage?

It is usually recommended to take 1 tablet per day, regardless of the meal. Do not crush or grind medicine. If you wish to wash down pill permitted a small amount of water. Admission drug is better to carry out at regular intervals.

As mentioned above, the treatment should be of prolonged, usually develops a maximum therapeutic effect, a year after the treatment. For detailed information on the timing of treatment, consult your doctor. Correction of dosage for patients older age group is not required.

• An overdose of Propecia

Data of the manifestation of an overdose of the drug Propecia instruction manual does not, as they do not exist. Even the reception 8 tablets a day over a long period of time does not cause any negative symptoms were.

Nevertheless, high-dose medication reception not enhances the therapeutic effect. It should also take into account the relatively high cost of a package of drugs.

• What are the side effects of Propecia?

In most cases, the reception of the drug is not accompanied by the development of undesirable consequences. However, in some cases not possible to avoid occurrence of the following symptoms: decreased libido (sex drive level), erectile dysfunction, decrease in ejaculate volume, allergic reactions in the form of itching, swelling of the face, pain in the testicles. And we draw your attention to it!

• Special instructions

At simultaneous reception of drugs used for the treatment of prostatitis, such as Proscar or analogues thereof, may increase the effect of the latter and increasing the frequency of occurrence of side effects. In most cases, it requires a separate consultation with a specialist.

• The substitute Propecia, which analogues?

At this point in time analogues of the drug Propecia does not exist.


For the treatment of hair loss should adopt an integrated campaign. First you need to exclude any disease, one way or another, can lead to the development of these symptoms. In addition, we should not write off of accounts the importance of a balanced diet, avoiding harmful habits, dealing with stress.

In addition, well-proven combination of treatment techniques involving the reception of medications like Propecia means, and the use of ointments, creams and gels.

The patient should be examined on their own instruction on the use of prescribed medication. Be healthy!

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